Join #ukdwnet on IRC

hi guys…

i’ve just made this for ukdw people so we can get a lot of benefits..

  • Live Chatt
  • Group Discussion with the Lecturers (mr.mahastama and mr.willysr are already with us)
  • Maybe find ur soulmate
  • asl pls each other :p
  • and the most important.. learning some text-based program..isn’t it cool ?? :p

i’m doing my own research to identify wether u guys still can do this stuff or not..

i’m sure it’s very interesting..

u don’t have to be scared for the viruses and the trojan as long as you have the antivirus, or maybe u are a unix user.

so cmon !! join #ukdwnet channel on IRC.

give you this link so u can download (but this is the old version) the MirC stuff !



enjoy !!

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