Install Intel 3945 wifi driver on Slackware

So, after a long day, i finally found my own way to trick this problem on my Operating System.

Slackware is one of the most popular text-based Linux Operating System. But Sometimes, when hardware technologies are steps to the next level, the driver compatibiliy may not be implemented yet in the current OS.

So, I look in the internet, got reference, and also asking with my lecturer, willysr ( to solve this problem, finally i got the right one for my problem. To be notes : my notebook (Acer GEMSTONE series) has intel 3945 wifi devices and i think this should be work with 4965 too. Also, i haven’t been compile the Iast kernel yet. (2.6.27)

hope this way can help you solve some problems with yours too, although i know before my write there are so many discussion in this too..but in same cases, maybe this / that one is the really one that can help you with own 🙂

first thing is u should download this file :

extract it !! there are 3 files that added to your computer.

1. compat-wireless-2.6.tar.bz2

2. compat-wireless-old.tar.bz2

3. compat-wireless-old-2008-10-11.tar.bz2

if u are running kernel >2.6.23 i suggest u to use the second choise ( –>it works with mine too.

steps after downloading :

(the directory is up to you)

1. put the compat-wireless-old.tar.bz2 file in /etc folder

2. cd /etc

3. extract it from terminal using tar xjvf compat-wireless-old.tar.bz2

4. enter the directory created from the extraction , with : cd compat-wireless-old-2.6 (CMIIW)

5. wirte this command : make (wait about 1 minutes – depends on the RAM)

6. make install (wait about 1 minutes – depends on the RAM)

7. make unload

8. make load

after this steps u will see that the driver is installed in ur system now, if u run the iwconfig wlan0 or iwlist wlan0 scanning it should be work. but in my case, the network is not yet connected to my notebook. what’s wrong ?? after i search through the internet, i realize that there is something that must be done :

9. write iwconfig wlan0 essid “YourWirelessName” key restricted “theKeyNumber” ( the underline part isn’t present if the wireless conn is open access)

10. ifconfig wlan0 up –> this part should be done.

11. dhcpcd wlan0

12. now check with iwconfig wlan0 or ifconfig wlan0, we have IP address now.

13. try to connect using your browser… waw, it;s works !! ^^

hope this tutorial can help you all guys with the same problem as mine.

thanx ^^



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