Pain is Sucks ~ I love You Grand Ma !

Just last night, i remember You, I Think of You, and I just wanna meet You soon.

Because of my exam at this Friday, I ust can’t go there because its far away from home.

I want to meet you this weekend, visit You with my girlfriend to meet U for the first time, like u’ve told me last time i visit You, U wanna see her, right ?

I’m Sorry Grand Ma, i can’t give U what U want. Regret for all the mistake i’ve done to You.

Without You, I will not here right now and I will never being me.

Now, i can see with my own heart. U can relax and leave me with peacefull 🙂

I love You.. Forever… have a good life there Grand Ma. U will always be here with me. in my heart…

right ?? ……… goodbye GrandMa.

I hope U meet GrandPa soon there, and both of you must see me become a Success person 🙂

I promise You… i love you …..

Letter from :

ur lovely grandson, Bo

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