Day 1 – 27th Dec 08 – Orchad Road

Just in case : I have holiday to Singapore about 2 weeks ago, from Dec 27th 08 ’til Jan 3rd 09.

I had a very good time there except for one thing, became a baby sitter for my ‘growing’ cousin. lol …

here, i wanna tell you a little story about my first holiday Day there until i went back to Indonesia.

Day 1 – 27th Dec 08 – Orchad Road

Actually we (me, my girlfriend and his big sis, two cousins of mine) took Garuda Plane from Yogyakarta at 6.00 PM and the trip takes about 2 hours long.

from the calculation, we will be in Singapore about 8:00 PM (INA time). But, because of miss match time (singapore actually 1 hour faster than INA), we were there at 9PM. After all done (imigration card, luggage and everything) we met shiela (my girlfriend sister) at the exit gate of Changi Airport.

We take the MRT (I think line 1) to get to the orchad road. About 50 minutes carrying luggages in hands (Finally !!) we arrived in Juliana/Asui Apartment. My cousins and I were slept there for 6 night and the place is quite good. clean, no smoking, tv, windows, electrical contact, three beds, and also mirror xP, bathroom outside. We’re in level 14.

After say bye bye to my girlfriend and her sisters. We went down and took a relax walk along the orchad road. Just for sight seeing because shoppingholic atmospher wasn’t there…

it was saturday night that made orchad soooo crowded and the shops haven’t closed yet. There are plenty fish at the ocean dude! but nevermind, i already have a beautifull girlfriend.he32…

After tired, we stop at the food centre (it has no name) and tried food there. Average, it takes about 6$ (45.000 IDR) for every people to get food and drink normally there. Andrew, my brother choose roasted duck and his younger brother choose noodles. Myself ? of course roasted pork. that’s why i becoming like pork. huahuahahauha… gosh…

some photos :

at changi with my girlfriend changi with my girlfriend ..

rico with his noodles

rico with his noodles

after having full energy, we went back to apartment and sleep, preparing for the next days 🙂



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