Day 2 – 28th Dec 08 – Singapore Zoo and Safari Night

This is really exciting day because we went to singapore zoo and will have safari night either.

I was using cart last time i saw safari night (6 years ago maybe), but this time is different because we didn’t use cart, we WALK at the NIGHT along the forest to see so much anymal. you guys who loves to see animals must go to this place 🙂

We woke up at 9 AM and take preparation for the day. After gathered in front of Lucky Plasa, we took MRT too Woodlands and then took bus number … (FORGOT) to Singapore zoo…

WAW..the queue was very very long, it’s like friday in 21 cineplex in xP

We think it will took about 1 hour just to get the ticket, but with proffesionally from the singapore zoo management (i amazed) it just took time about 15 minutes. i really impressed with everything in Singapore, except for the peoples, most of them impolite and rude. sorry… but maybe its because they have to work overhours and that was a high season.. just maybe…ha32…

Singapore zoo was good, it’s big, and lots of animals there (of course, c’mon… it’s a zoo dude )…

here are some photos about singapore zoo :



i just take the safari night gates because we’re not allowed to take pictures there.


after tired, we say goodbye in MRT with my girlfriends fams and continue our journey to Dream Island.



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