Day 5&6 – 31 Dec 08 & 1 Jan 09 – Merlion, City Hall, Marina Bay, Esplanade, Funan, Orchad


last day on 2008, we went to Marina Bay environment.

First we were on City Hall, and shopping from raffles Link, and others link.. then after that, me and my girlfriend walk along the marina bay, we visited makan sutra which is a food court and brought some murtabak and prata for my cousins and my girlfriends sisters.

after that, we enjoy merlion, sea, esplanade, and ended up with the biggest fireworks i’ve ever seen straightly !^^

happy new year everybody 🙂

after a long day, we ran into MRT station to went apartment. (it was already 2 AM).lol….

we slept and woke up again at 9AM. then took shower, ate, and then walk again to FUNAN^^

this was my favourite place along the holiday because it fulls of electronical goods. The price is cheaper than Indonesian market and tax free… ^^

i bought new hard drive 320GB, harddrive cases, jack splitter, and some others electronical things there.

I was so happy ! he32… instead of my money was decreasing but.. itz ok ^^

the afternoon, one of my cousins met with his friends and i must went only with his younger brother. we went to chinatown because i want to buy something for my girlfriend and ended up at orchad road. He’s alredy tired so he stayed at apartment.  I met my girlfriend then taking some photos while walk along the orchad road 🙂

it was a happy day :p

some photos :



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