Day 7 – 2 Jan 09 – Orchad, Sim Lim Square, Bugis

Day 7, not a very good day, i was in a bad mood this day. ha32…

in the morning, me and my younger cousins ate at takashimaya food court. After that, we took MRT way to Bugis and wait there about 1 hour because my girlfriends stuck in a wrong bus way .. gosh… T…T

but itz okay… we continue our journey into Sim Lim square, i bought some more electronical things here and continue journey to  Bugis village.

Before that, I met a pet shop store and bought a package for my hamsters food and also sleeping bed for my lovely dog, pupi. I also bought some books for my brothers, warcraft books, and novel for my sisters. and also for me, two series of Romance of three kingdoms. total cost of the books is about 130SGD.

In bugis village, it was so bored for me, but i met some of my friends frome Indonesia right there.ha32…

i was walk alone because everybody lost. that’s why i feel very bad mood…ha32…

i didn’t take any photos of this seventh day because i didn’t feel great.

its my last night at singapore for this holiday period T…T

at the night, I continue to walk alone and enjoy 1SGD delicious ice cream. I sat in Nge Ann City Hall, i took pictures for some couples there but not for myself (Where the hell is she ?? i don’t know).. just feel so bad at the time) 😦

after about 30 minutes, they were all come to pick me up. so bye bye…




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