Day 8 – 3 Jan 09 – Orchad, HMV, Changi Airport – Yogyakarta^^

woahhh….. that was the last day at Singapore and we’re all packed up our luggage.

9AM all done and i went downstairs to met my girlfriend for about 30minutes (Again !!)…ha342…

itz ok …

i tried to enjoy my last walk at this holiday season with her, we visited store one by one. bought some ‘dendeng babi’ and came to HMV. i bought david cook newest CD, my friends’ Guntur order list and also two Chinese music songs for my father. Then, we come to takashimaya to kinokuniya but again, the breaking dawn by stph. meyer is sold out. it was sold out…

we went to the foodcourt and bought fish chocolate cake ^^

after that, we came back to apartment and prepare everything to back home.

fiuh………… by taxi, we already at changi airport. my cousins bought two bottles of drink and i went to change place for GST (Tax above 100SGD)

then, we check in and say thank you and goodbye to shiela, she was a student there so she has to stayed.ha32…

we took photos before check in and after that…

here are some photos before we arrive in Yogyakarta (5PM).

hope u like my stories ^^

I love this holiday, my first holiday with my girlfriend after 2 years having relationship 🙂

thanks for all !



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