Restore Your Files from RAW partition !!

Waw, guys…

this is a tought day !!

now, before you read mine, anyone who has same problem with me and wants to know how to solve this problem must be very lucky !!

take a deep breath because your data is safe dude … fiuuuuuh…. then read my story slowly, you don’t have to worry or it will be pointless 🙂

this afternoon, i got some problem and here is the case :

i want to install slackware 12.2, kaliway leopard and also ubuntu 8.10 in my notebook, so i must have a plan to divide my 250GB harddrive into several partitions.

the plan is more like this :

C (xp) 20GB

D (Vista) 80 GB

E (for data) 70 GB

F (data) 10 GB

Slackware 20 GB

Ubuntu 10 GB

Kaliway 15 GB

Swap 1.5 GB

now, my current partition is :

C (xp) 20GB

D (Vista) 100 GB

E (for data) 70 GB

F (data) 10 GB

i have already 25Gb Free and have to free up some more.. everything seems to be normal until something bad happened !!!

My partition in drive E became CORRUPT and i can’t even opened it.. please look at the picture below :


waw…. PANIC AT THE DISCO !! what should i do man !?? damn !!

My Drive E now is in RAW condition and no other way but to format it again … Noooo…

i call my friend and ask for some clues but nope ~

then i try begging to nanny GOOGLE…. unfortunately ( or just wonderfull!! ) once again she save my ass….

i tried to search with some keywords and after 1 hours i have the solutions…

just use a software called EASEUS DATA RECOVERY to restore your files.. it can read from raw partitions and save your unreadable files to another place.. of course you must prepare space in another drive to back up your previously data.

you can download it here : please click me

with password : ” ” (without ” “)

after download, extract and run the .exe file, it will appear like this picture :


1. In this case, i choose partition recovery
2. Choose harddrive you want to scan (which contain the RAW partition) -> click next


3.Choose the partition drive (in this case (E) – named choco ) –> click next

4. Now..surprise… thick (check) files and folders you want to back up ! –> click next

5. Fill the path (choose directory in  another partition ) to save – backup your checked files –> click next

6. Done ^^ just be patient and waitttttttttt …..

the backup will takes very long time, for my 70GB harddrive it takes from 2PM until 10PM.. then gudluck guys 🙂

don’t forget to give enough powers to your computer…

after all done, re format ur RAW partition and move back your backup files to its original place xD ..

i hope this post will help you a lot… please leave comment if this is helpful for you ^^

thanx !!



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