Blackberry Fever , worthy enough ??


so many people talk about blackberry just now.
blackberry corp has been famous since 3-4 years ago. it’s ‘very late’ condition – in Indonesia if we just considering about blackberry now.
instead of i think its not worthy enough compare the specs with the price.

u can buy a phone much better and much stylish with the same price compare with a blackberry which is lack of features. the most important note : blackberry is not functional enough in Indonesia, maybe we have to considering buy a blackberry after 4-5 years again (which I’m not sure Indonesia will have supported the full connectivity for free).

fot the note, i rather choose SE P1, Nokia E90, or HTC touch HD to do business thing.
for multimedia, definitely Iphone 16GB, Samsung Innov8, Pixon, Nokia N96 and SEW980
for all in one package, definitely Samsung Innov8 for right now (the only minus point is just the LED light thing but the picture result is just amazing)
the phone i want to see right now is google android v2 , and samsung s8300.

that’s my opinion.
so compare carefully, never buy a phone because its a big brand or trend-for a while-, like my presentation be4. buy because u love the design, the features, and also the function.
-and also the prices ~

hope this will be help.

Love and Hugs,


1 Comment

  1. nokia tema said,

    January 24, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    thank you…very much 😉

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