Mac Fanatics – Do they have ethics ?

So, i know that MAC is good. I know the design is beautiful.
I still can accept the security is good. and lots of accessories is very cost.

but after a decade comparing the differences between the users, I can simply conclude that mostly, mac users is the most unethical user !!
why ??? so many2 mac lovers say that mac is the best, that’s still a common thing for fanatic fans. but the disrespect things by throwing some offensive illustrates, words or even state different level between mac and other PC is really2 annoying for me.

they s*cks !

simply i can say i can buy 10 mac book cash but i never want to buy any. I’m not a Mac lover and I’m MS & Linux user. I never talk about mac is the superior or something. but my friends say (s)he would never use another notebook brands like acer, toshiba, vaio because mac is in the upper level. woa ??? what a disgusttinggg -peep- statement…

simply i can say that he/she is just an amateur who fanatic to a single WORD : MAC.
here i want to state that i say no to mac lovers – who act like a trash.
to be honest, i love the MAC LCD screen and IPhone too, but i don’t know how can they feel so hype about the other product compare with others ?
it still so far2 away STEVE…

lenovo, sony, and acer is the top notebook of 2008.
if MAC is better than them, then i’ll cut my own thumb

one again, this note isn’t about it’s not about mac is worse or better. it’s about ethics…

and no one ever care about this one. but i do…

the point is i really annoyed with some mac users who doesn’t have ethics to the other OS and manufacturer.
business is business, but the fans aren’t part of business deal with those things right …

and for the records, not every mac users did those things. full respect from me to those people.

Love and Hug,


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  1. xcript said,

    May 8, 2009 at 8:16 am

    Hi, i’m here just to share my oppinion.

    I’m a PC, Linux, and Mac user.
    It’s a bit mistake while you’ve said that Mac users is a kind of “just an amateur who fanatic to a single WORD : MAC”.

    Some people who used a Mac is a non-IT person that do care about the style and do not pay any bit attention to the technology. But some people, including me, is do care about the detail of the technology of the operating system and the features it presented within any computer.

    And do you know, I have a very high-end PC with AMD X4 64 bit, it’s quad core, with Wind***X* installed, and you may feel that even though the Wind***X* was installed in the high-end PC, it doesn’t work correctly. BSoD and so on so forth was still happened. I have to restarted my PC a couple of times to make it work normally. It’s such a kind of boring activity.

    It happend too in Linux… Linux is a stable UNIX-based operating system ever built. It presents many UNIX features in it. But, many reasons which a non-IT people will hard to try to move themself in practicing linux, you know what I mean, right. Hey, but, guess what, do you know, i’m a linux lover too, it’s the same as you. I’m an IT person, so, Linux is in one of my hobby project list.

    What about Mac? Oh, come on, you’ve heard it, about any Mac’s great features, right? It’s very clear that why Mac users looks like a crazy fanatic person.

    So, the conclusion is whatever the the machine and operating system, basicly, everyone is concern in how much productivity can be generate and how simple it is…

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