My 21st Birthday ^^

So, this is my first post in My 21 age ^^

Hi guys, Thanks for all the birthday messages, phone, mail and other (card, messenger, etc).

I am happy to know that some of my old friend still remember my birthday wether some of them not T.T

but its okay 🙂

Life is like a roallercoaster 🙂

Maybe they are now in the other parts of their world so not really remember me :p

Once again, thx for your attention and your pray for me.

Thanks specially to Jesus Christ for giving me a beautiful and exciting life. I can’t wait to see my life and your plan for me after this 🙂

I hope all my dreams can come true, and I also hope this world will be a better place !

suppose to be my unforgettable birthday moment, but unfortunately i’m facing midterm and my family is out of town (T.T)….. so I think tomorrow is just between Me, God and My girlfiend 🙂

Thanks a lot,


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