To My Girlfriend …

I wake up every morning,
see the sun shine and the time goes by
I see the lights coming through my eyes
made me realize there is one miracle in my life
and it’s just happen everyday

dear honey,
how could you care about me more than yourself ?
give me everything I need,
and give me everything I want.
even you can’t… you do…

you don’t give a sh*t about my money,
you don’t even care about the car
your dream is to be with me,
not being use me to reach your dream.
you expect love from me, not other things.
every day. every time ..
you give me respect and love.

my life is wonderful,
and you complete me.
If I have one magic request then
I will ask God to be with you forever.

(Tribute to all of my coupled friends ~)
*and of course to my sweetheart^^


© originally by me… if you want to share it please references to my site / personal info.


Love and Hugs,


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