Ipod Touch 2nd Generation Jailbreaking

I think I should give 5 rate for this video for giving me inspiration about jailbreaking my new ipod touch second generation…

watch the video,

follow steps exactly on that video and don’t forget to download the software first (link inserted on the video).


after finish doing the jailbreak thing and still confuse how to download the application and lost directions where to go,

maybe you should read information in this link:   http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090519050810AAKfgOZ and read the best answer ^^

those ways help me so much 🙂

one thing that I missed is just about the Boot Screen Logo, I still cannot change it into another image (I don’t really like the original jailbreak one – apple with some node ).. could anyone tell me how to restore the original apple boot logo back without changing everything (application music videos that already in my ipod) ?


if you want to share or give any comment or maybe asking some question I’m ready to help you..

just fill comments on my blog… thx so much !! …

Hope this will help you !!



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