Albert Valentino Canaldo – A story about a lonely 13 years old boy

Albert Valentino Canaldo

Valentino was born on the 12th February 1996.

His mother passed away when he was about 3 years old.

Then a year after that Valentino moved to countryside to live with his grandmother. When he was a kid, he loves to play games with his neighborhoods friends.  And when he came back home, grandma always scold at him because he comebacks with sweats and dirt. Well that’s what we called children right? I remember his laughs and his happy story telling after about his friends n games they played.

8 years gone by so quickly, Valentino is in primary school now, grade 5. He wore red n white uniforms, white socks and black shoes to school every day, like other kids.  And the good news is, he lives in the city now. Valentino lives in a nice n warming suburban, at his uncle’s 2 storey house with more than 10 bedrooms, still with his wonderful grandma too. They moved here since he was in grade 2, together to get a better education for Valentino. Isn’t she a great grandmother, leaving her hometown for his grandson’s future.

You might think he had a good life isn’t it?

Well, today 31st of August 2009, 8.30pm. Today I will write a few that  I could remember about him. I don’t have the exact word to describe about him and don’t know how to write a beautiful story about him. But I’ll leave it to what will your heart says about him and his untold stories. Ill be grateful for your kindness to read this story, then pray for him after you finish reading.


Well, let’s start counting on how many Birthday Dinner with family he had?

Well, he is 13 years old now, did he have a Birthday Celebration last year? A Birthday Cake maybe?

Or just even a Birthday Dinner with family? Does anyone can tell me? Did he have it in the past 2 years too? 3 years ago? 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 years ago???

Did he ever have a birthday gifts? Friends coming to his party to celebrate his birthday?

I doubt it.

What I can remember clearly, there was once his birthday dinner when he was about 8 or 9 years. Grandmother cooked the dinner for us to come. Us means, 4 cousins, 2 aunties, 3 uncles, and 1 daddy with daddy’s little family.

Daddy’s little family???

Yeap!!! He remarried a lady, then they have a son and a girl. Ill tell about this part later.

Okay, we had a nice dinner together in grandma’s house. Then the night was getting late, so daddy decided to leave to go home. ‘HOME’, which means another house for daddy and his little family. So he said goodbye to us the cousins, grandma, uncles and aunties, and Valentino. This means, Valentino stays with grandma, while his daddy was going home with his little family. Who does Valentino belongs to??? That night, Valentino came to me asked for a hug, while his daddy and his little family waving their hands saying goodbyes. What a cliché, shouldn’t he be going home with his daddy as well? I wondered what is in Valentino’s head, and how painful he felt that night. For myself, I couldn’t forget what I saw and what I felt. How sad was that, seeing your daddy’s leaving you with other family, which should be your family too??? Until now, I always wonder why this should happened.

It was just one story about one of his birthdays.


Two years after Valentino’s mom passed away, he heard a song. “YUAN LAI DAI BIAO WO DE XIN” by Teresa Teng. I bet most of you know about this song. He got stunned by the music flow and the lyrics, then in a sudden she said  “I guess I’ve heard it before, I think this is Mom’s favorite song.” When I heard this, it breaks my heart.

Months after that, his dad married again, with a lady. We all thought, Valentino would soon have a mother who will give him a cuddle and a goodnight kiss before bed. Who will nurture him when he fall and cries and give him a hug when he needs to.

…………………………………. Guess we all were wrong.

Valentino still stays with his beautiful grandma, while his daddy was busy with his new little family. Valentino still had normal days to live like before, staying in a house with no daddy at home. It was just Valentino and Grandma. No cuddle at night, no tuck into bed followed with a goodnight kiss and no hugs from a loving mother.


Valentino still stays with his beautiful grandma, while his daddy was busy with his new little family. He still had normal days to live like before, staying in a house with no daddy at home.

It was just Valentino and Grandma………………………………..…. sadly until 2007.

It all starts in early 2006. Our beautiful and wonderful grandma was diagnosed a cancer stadium 4. It was a big hit for our family, especially Valentino himself. April 2006 grandma had her operation in Singapore, this means Valentino had to live by himself alone while grandma was not at home.  We all prayed to God to save her life and we all know Valentino needs her the most.

2007, grandma was not getting any better. She knew she will go far away for a long term. So she ask Valentino’s dad to take care of him and take him home to daddy’s house. Daddy and his wife made a promise that they will take care of Valentino and welcoming him into their house.

Weeks after that, Grandma passed away. We all mourned and cried. Farewell grandma, you are the most wonderful grandmother ever and thank you for your kindness. We love you so much.

I couldn’t imagine how Valentino felt that day. Someone who always greets him every day when he is home, or someone who cooks meal for him every day, and someone who will smile at him every day, is no longer beside him.

That day we saw a strong and tough young boy standing holding his pain. He knew that he will never see grandma’s smile again tomorrow.


Valentino’s stays with his daddy and daddy’s little family. Was he happy or ‘happy’? He never mentioned a thing.

One day Valentino text a message “I want to go and see grandma, I miss her so much.”  We all know it was from his deep heart saying, he miss grandma so much, desperately.

We don’t know much about his new chapter of life. But there is 2 things I’d like to underline it.

1.      Daddy drives his son and daughter to their school which it s only takes about 10-15 minutes drive. While Valentino has to ride a bicycle ALONE by himself everyday which it takes 30 minutes drive. What a loving care he had from his new little family, didn’t he?

2.      I don’t know exactly why and how this decision ever comes up.

Valentino was sent to a Boarding School in somewhere 2 hours away from the city. Why? Does he a bother for his little family? How poor is he, isn’t it? Never has enough loving care from his true family.

Deep in my heart I know and I am very sure that Valentino is craving for a true love from his dad and ‘mom’ and ‘siblings’. He just wanted to be accepted as he is. He needs to be nurtured after all the loss he had, losing a mother then a loving grandmother. “Who am I belongs to?”


He is in the hospital now (13th of August 2009). I’d say he is dying. Over than 60% of his lung is not working and kidneys both aren’t working. For normal people having lung only 2-5% infected it already caused a severe pain. I couldn’t imagine how tough Valentino is.

I believe Valentino is as the strongest and toughest boy in the world. I have never seen him cry, not even once. Although he got many many injection shots, he would take it emotionlessly.  He never cry or even say “Aw, it hurts” since the first day. He is very brave to say “It doesn’t hurt at all”.

Until 2 days ago, I saw him crying for the first time, holding his stomach and saying it is very painful. It must have been very painful indeed, if not he wouldn’t cry.  I couldn’t bear seeing him whispering and saying how painful he is now. A 13 years old boy has to live a life like this? Is it fair enough to Valentino, Lord? Why he has to live like this while others have more love and happiness.

We all know his life depends on time now. We hope the best for Valentino. We do care about him and we love him.

Let us together pray to God that He will brighten Valentino’s day.


Beberapa pertanyaan dan pernyataan. QUIZ of The Day!!!

1.      Akhir caturwulan dan masa kenaikan sekolah, siapa yang mengambil rapor Albert?

2.      Siapa yang membelikan Albert baju-baju baru ketika umur sudah makin besar dan baju sudah tidak cukup lagi?

3.      Siapa yang mengajak Albert pergi liburan ketika school holiday?

4.      Bersama siapa Albert pergi ke gereja tiap minggu?

5.      Siapa yang antar jemput sekolah Albert? *BUSWAY TRANS JOGJA!!!! YAY!!!! Dan Sepeda Albert*

6.      Apa kebiasaan Albert yang paling menjengkelkan?

7.      Apa makanan favorit Albert?

8.      Apa warna favorit Albert?

9.      Dengan siapa Albert pergi jalan-jalan ke mall? Bioskop? Makan di luar? *Emang pernah gitu???*

10.  Berapa kali sekali Albert pergi ke supermarket?

11.  Siapa yang belanjain semua kesukaan-kesukaan Albert?

12.  Apa snack kesukaan Albert?

13.  Apa nama restoran kesukaan Albert?

14.  Siapa yang mengajari Albert nama-nama binatang ketika kecil? *Singa aja ngga tahu, apalagi Lion??*

15.  Siapa yang antar Albert pergi les? *Emang sekarang masih les yah?*

16.  Apa cita-cita Albert ketika dewasa nanti? *Albert mau jadi apa*

17.  Apa film, buku, bahkan  lagu kesukaan Albert?

18.  Etc.

Final Question :

Does He Happy With His Life??????????

Does He Receive Enough Love From His Family????

Does He Ever Existed To You People????


This story is published hand to hand via email, but my sister as a doctor know him (Albert boy) and he was died in the same hospital where my sister work. I was copying and paste this story in my blog so you can read and realize that there are more cases in humanity which should be taken care by us as part of the society. Imagine if this happen in your childhood memory and no one wants to defend you.

Tomorrow, he will rest in peace with his Mom at a graveyard in Ponorogo city, let us all as a human being pray for him and carry his spirit to be a good person.




  1. John xx said,

    September 10, 2009 at 11:19 am

    bagaimana “ayah” dan ibu tirinya memperlakukan Albert di rumah?
    bagaimana bisa Albert menderita penyakit separah itu dalam dua tahun?

    Perbuatan yang sangat terkutuk
    Awas kena karma

  2. melina said,

    September 10, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    ayah dan “ibu tiri”nya tidak melakukan apa2, dia bukan siapa2. So pasti mereka tidak bisa menjawab hampir semua quiz diatas. So sad….can’t stop crying…
    Tapi saya bisa jawab no.3,4,5, 9, 10 & 11…….3. Tidak ada 4. Tidak ada 5. Sepeda butut 9.Tidak pernah…..10.Tidak pernah 11. Tidak ada.
    utk final question bisa ambil kesimpulan sendiri.

  3. UcpYv7mbI5 said,

    December 18, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    lalanne juicer

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